Planning to Cook a Paella?

November 11, 2012

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Like for everything in life, a correct planning for your next Paella is a very important part of the process. 

To cook a Paella you need a variety of ingredients, most of them being  not used in everyday’s cooking at home; and you need them to be fresh. Also there are several pieces of cookware that are ONLY used for this purpose.

When I plan to cook a paella, I plan the visit to the market in the town. When I say market, I’m referring to the fruits and vegetables markets available in every town or city, where you can find fresh products almost directly from the producers. I try to avoid the Supermarket where almost all the products are already packed, some of they for several days. The advantage of these supermarkets is that you can buy almost everything, whatever the season is, in one single place. They are usually comfortable and convenient, but they lack the “touch of freshness” you can find in a traditional market.

   As an example, you can see here the biggest Market in Valencia (it’s called Mercat Central). In an old traditional building, you can find all kind of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, all in one single place and the highest quality products in the city. Highly recommended to visit whenever you happen to be in Valencia.

As part of the planning process, I use a checklist with all the ingredients and quantities needed depending on the guests I plan to cook for. In the book “How to Cook Authentic Valencian Paella” you can find the checklist I use.

Don’ t let the variety of ingredients stop you in your willingness to cook paella. You will be greatly rewarded at the end.



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