Eric’s Paella

September 21, 2014

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At the beginning of the summer it was Eric’s birthday.

Eric liked Paella since he visited Barcelona and he decided to cook a Paella home for first time for his birthday party.

Cooking a Paella first time is not a trivial process, but Eric was brave enough to take this step and delight his guests. So, he bought “How To Cook Authentic Valencia Paella” and shared with me some doubts and asked for some advises.

Finally, the day came and Eric did it! The results, as reported by Eric, were outstanding and everybody enjoyed the party and the meal.

Although Eric decided to use different ingredients as recommended for an Authentic Paella recipe, he managed to get it done right and got a great result.

Please see the picture Eric shared showing how was the Paella right before the party started.

 Eric's paella

¬†Thank you, Eric, for sharing the experience. This should help other “paella lovers” to decide to take the step and cook.

Looking forward to hearing from you on any other “paella experience”



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