Big ‘Valencian Paella’ Cook.

September 20, 2014

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Early this summer I went to my nearest mall and, after parking the car, I saw a guy cooking several BIG Paellas at the parking lot.

I could not resist the temptation to get closer and stand for a while looking at him how he was managing ‘his’ business.

He had several big valencian paellas, being cooked the traditional way, with wooden fire and original ingredients, and he seemed to do it so easily that I could not help to get closer and have a few words with him.

After introducing myself I asked him: ‘How do you cook such big paellas the traditional way?’ He explained what he was doing and how he could manage to cook several paellas at the same time for 200 servings each one of them. I never cooked such a big one and, without a lot of practice with lower sizes, I would not dare to.

His name was Nestor and he confessed that, in reality, it was very easy. ‘You only need a lot of practice’ he said. He was doing it for such a long period of time that he didn’t need to measure the different ingredients; he was doing it as he felt and all the paellas he cooked were very similar and very good.

He was selling servings of Paella for those who did not want to make the effort and prepare one at home. I consider this option as Fast (but healthy) food.

He allowed me to post some pictures on my blog. Thank you, Nestor, and good luck.

Frying the meat for a traditional valencian paella

Frying the meat and vegetables on a 200-servings Authentic Valencian PaellaNestor with my husband on a BIG authentic Valencian Paella cooking place.

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