A Great Way to Enjoy Paella Cooking at Paella Festivals in Valencia (Spain).

December 1, 2011

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Cooking paella is an enjoyable activity to be done in any open-air gathering.

For obvious reasons, this has to be done in spring, summer or early fall, so you can have a great time outside with friends and family.

This is exactly what is done along the Spanish Mediterranean cost, where culture and traditions promote these kind of activities and every man ventures to cook for others.

While women, as in many other cultures, are “responsible” to cook everyday at home for their families, mostly men take the responsibility to cook at family and party gatherings.

Especially in summer, during every town or city’s festivals days, you can find Paella Festivals, where the whole town cooks at the same time their paellas.

This is a huge event. Sometimes gathering thousands of people.

For these occasions, the Town Council organizes everything:

  • one main street(s) or wide area is closed to traffic
  • people apply and, for a small fee,  get the ingredients and wood to cook
  •  There is a starting time for everybody to start cooking
  • Even there are contests to select the best “paella” in the town.

During all this time, that takes from three to four hours, you can go around, smell, drink and have a great time while your paella is being cooked (by you or some of your friends). You do not need to be invited. The entrance is free (in fact, it is done in a public space, like street or public park). You just need to go and “get melted” with the local people that are enjoying the event. If you want to ask someone for details, they will usually be very kind and will help you to “integrate” in the celebration.

At the end, whether a “paella team” won any price or not, they move with friends or family to a house to eat their lunch that, if they are lucky (I mean, good cooks) it will be a delicious paella.

If you ever happen to visitSpainduring summer and you get close to the Mediterranean cost, close toValencia, you can check the towns that are celebrating their summer festivals in these days and look at the Program of events.

I ensure you will live something unique that cannot be found any other place in the world.

Hope you will decide enjoy by yourself.


Maria Brull

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